Donald Trump, Whiner in Chief

Sweet baby; Shutterstock ID 120217189

Donald Trump is many things: an admitted sexual assaulter, a prolific philanderer, a serially bankrupt businessman, a lying scoundrel, a tax cheat. He was accused, in a sworn deposition, of raping his first wife, Ivana (she later said she didn’t mean it in a literal sense, whatever that means). Since he beat Hillary Clinton in the most stunning political upset in modern history (even though she received almost 3 million more votes — Never Forget), he has doubled down on the crazy, throwing out almost daily baseless accusations against the CIA and the FBI, flippantly dismissing the intelligence community’s findings about Russia’s election meddling to his benefit.

All of this is infuriating enough to anyone who deeply cares about our country’s future. But the most infuriating Trumpism to me, the one that draws the most visceral reaction out of me, is Trump’s constant whining about the unfairness of everything. The media: Unfair! Megyn Kelly: so unfair! The debates: unfair!

As a parent to an 8 year old, I complaints of unfairness have zero impact on me. I get them all the time. But coming from a grown ass man, it’s unforgivable.



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